Kan Do Juice

Champion PR No Kan Do Juice Redbone Coonhound Female

                    PR Tony's Red Dog I
               NT CH GR CH PR Sulphur River Buck
                       PR Rock Ridge Red II
        CH GR NT CH PR Barnhartís Bo Dee
                       PR Hootís Bad Brute
               GR NT CH PR Sulphur River Rose
                       PR Coffeyís Wildfire
CH PR No Kan Do Juice
NT CH CH PR Wrightís Timber Hoss
               GR NT CH GR CH PR Parkerís Reverend Red
                      PR Taylorís Burr Oak Re Rose
       PR Brannonís Red Sue
                      PR Timber Chopper Luke
               PR Pondís Joy
                      PR Jarnaginís Red Darlin


Bloodlines 6.01
Vindicator II
Red Buzz
Red Man
Sierra SunriseFlaming Star
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